After divorcing Ike, Tina Turner's 1980s resurgence is celebrated as a most remarkable comeback in music history. 


"What's Love Got To Do With It?" is one of Tina Turner's famous songs, ranked as the 16th best song of the '80s by Time Out magazine. 


Surprisingly, she disliked it so much that she would actively avoid listening to it, running and hiding whenever her manager tried to play it.

In 1984, Tina Turner became both the first woman and the first Black artist to grace the cover of Rolling Stone.


At the age of 73 in 2013, Turner achieved another milestone by becoming the oldest woman to grace the cover of Vogue.


When Bono created a demo of "Goldeneye" and sent it to Tina Turner,  surprisingly rejected it first .


Tina Turner often referred to herself as a "Buddhist-Baptist."


 While Tina Turner's name is synonymous with her incredible music career, she also left a mark in the realm of acting.


Tina Turner holds a special distinction in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, being inducted twice.  


In 1991, she was inducted alongside her ex-husband Ike, but she decided not to attend the ceremony. 

However, in 2021, she was finally honored as a solo artist in her own right.